DX Contribution from Geir Stokkeland in Norway

DX – Jordan 2008

Last updated January 22, 2009

I arrived in the Philippines on July 10th, and departed August 21st 2008. I spent most of the time at Barangay Jordan, Villaba municipality, Leyte province, in the Eastern Visayas region (region 8) of the country. Brief visits to Cebu City and Bohol province further south. Geographical coordinates: N 11.09.51 E 124.23.42.

For AM/SW/UHF/FM I used an Icom IC-7000, with a loop antenna from RadioPlus+ Electronics, Pensacola, Florida + a wire antenna. There is a major problem with man-made noise on AM and lower SW bands. This noise covered the band and all but the local/semi-local powerhouses on the days it appeared. The noise was not “on” all days, but irregularly – some days on, some days the band was absolutely quiet. I suppose the poor quality of the electrical power grid in the area is to blame, and guess it is worse with high relative air humidity. And July/August basically is rainy season.

For FM a 5-element yagi mounted on a 3-meter high bamboo stick. For portable use a Sony ICF-SW7600 GR. This set-up worked well, the directivity of the yagi is OK. As the FM log shows, I had very good reception of Chinese stations on July 31st, and again briefly for one hour on August 17th. The July 31st opening did not come entirely unexpected, as I had indications on July 27th of Chinese TV audio on 64.25 MHz.

NDB reception was poor, perhaps mainly because the IC-7000 has poor sensitivity on LF. I enjoyed picking up the Palau beacon, and the one in Minami Daito (Okinawa) appears to be the best catch, longest distance. I believe there is a lot more to pick up on LF, provided use of a better receiver for LF.

The Icom IC-7000 caused some headaches: Using portable motorcycle batteries Akari 6FM9 (12V9Ah/20 HR) and TKR 12N7B-BS) for 12V power supply, the receiver refused to turn on the audio several times. That is: The receiver turned on, the display appeared to be OK, but no audio came out of the speaker/headphones. A reason could be that the power supply had too low wattage, or it could be a unit problem. Similarly, often when switching from AM to FM/WFM mode (only this combination, and this sequence) while the receiver was on, the audio disappeared. Ideas, anyone? The radio heated up a bit during the hot weather, but this did not cause any problem.

General weather condx during my stay were humid. Lots of heavy rain showers on an irregularly daily basis, often during evening or nighttime hours – which is not uncommon in the Tropics. But many days were pleasantly dry and hot. Maximum daytime temperature measured was 34.7 degrees C. on August 5th, minimum during a chilly, rainy night was 23.5 degrees C.

All times are Philippine Standard Time (PST) (= UTC + 8 hours), except the Norwegian FM stations at the end – which are Norwegian Summer Time (= UTC + 2 hours). Dates: 11.07 = July 11th. Tentatives are in (…).


318 16.07 2113 +BR Brunei (BRU) beacon “BR”. Ident only. Also 01.08. 1255 km.
331 11.07 1953 +MCT Mactan, Cebu (PHL) beacon “MCT” + tone, first noted onboard boat in Cebu harbour, bound for Palompon, Leyte. Also 15.07 1749 in Jordan, and 01.08. 105 km.
338 11.08 2006 +HKG Cape d´Aguilar/Hong Kong (HKG) weak signal, ident only. Only this one and MCT audible this evening. 1631 km.
360 01.08 2038 +OX Iwo Jima (J) 2x idents + long tone. 2336 km.
365 01.08 2039 +OL Balikpapan (INS) ident only. 1604 km.
371 01.08 2041 +ROR Koror (PLW) ident only. 1192 km.
375 01.08 2043 +OJ Hasanuddin (INS) ident only, long distance between the two letters. 1876 km.
405 01.08 2045 +MD Minami Daito (J) ident + tone. 1777 km, an island in the Okinawa archipelago.


531 11.07 2000 DYDW Tacloban City, Leyte ID/ad/CMN promo, good signal in Cebu harbour. 15.07 1934 in Jordan, 2055 noted w “Livewire Newsbreak”. Catholic Media Network affiliate.
531 20.07 2014 +DXGH General Santos City, Cotabato Sur relay DZRH //666, in DYDW null
540 01.08 1401 DYRB Radyo Asenso, Cebu City IDs, Radio Corp of the Philippines, into herbal promo
549 05.08 2005 (CNR-5 V o Zhonghua) w pop mx, promo, studio talk. Presumed CNR-5 V o Zhonghua. Power signal s9+! I’m sure it’s Voice of Zhonghua. There’s no ID, but the programming in Mandarin is obviously aimed at listeners in Taiwan. In my experience this station puts a huge signal in the direction of the Philippines.
558 16.07 1000 DZXL RMN Manila, Pasig City, NCR ID in nx report
565 02.08 2153 +RTM Sabah V FM, Tenom playing EZL tunes, 2158 promo including g a clear ID, flwd by jingle (the same as used on their FM network). Precisely 2 kHz down from nominal 567, should be a European target?
567 17.07 1105 DWRB Naga City, Camarines Sur ID
576 15.07 2007 DXMF Bombo Radyo, Davao City promos. 04.08 2121 noted w network promo mentioning 42nd anniversary, into “Bombo Weather Forecast” reporting bagyong Julian to be moving north, now off Laoag City, Luzon east coast, tomorrow´s expected Davao temperature 32 degrees, sunrise in Davao indicated as 5.32 (2 mins ahead of Leyte), “Bombo Radyo Davao” ID. bombo_davao@bomboradyo.com
576 26.07 0400 DYMR PBS, Cebu City noted not on at this hour. 05.08 1007 full local ID after network nx and network IDs, into local segment. 14.08 noted going local at 1700, whereas DYLL … (see below)
585 05.08 2009 +Southeast BC, Fujian in talk, into promo, back to studio conversation. The programme is in Mandarin and has the title “Dongnan Baodao” meaning “Southeast Report”. Within the recording at seconds 12-18 the female voice speaks a different dialect (I think probably Amoy), mentioning 585 kHz Southeast Broadcasting Company and Southeast Report. According to the station’s website, SE Report is transmitted at 0100, 1200, 1500 and 2000 local time (UTC+8), and the station’s e-mail address is given as sebc@pub3.fz.fj.cn
585 06.08 0955 DYLL PBS, Iloilo City in local interview abt “reforma agrario”, 1000 network nx,1007 back to local newstalk, no local ID noted but OK for report. 14.08 1700 was checking at 1700 to get their full local ID as they would leave the network and go local … but they did not. The PBS Manila feed continued, and on a poor audio line (appears to be a fixed phone line in mono)
594 12.07 0401 DZBB Quezon City, NCR w RGMA theme song and ID, TC, into nx, Probably s/on. In Palompon harbour.
594 06.08 1707 +DXDB Malaybalay City, Bukidnon in partial DZBB null, nxtalk w views on story developing in Malaybalay/Valencia/Central Mindanao involving a doctor and the Central Mindanao University. No formal ID but the content leaves little doubt. Strong North Mindanao condx. At 1708 also a DZBB ID in the mix. (04:50 of rec.: ment. Radio Vanillo?, Valencia studio)
603 04.08 1813 DXPR RMN, Pagadian City, Zamboanga Sur solid signal, full ID
603 05.08 1034 DZLL BBS Naga City, Camarines Sur series of ads for businesses in Naga incl. Naga University, PSA from Dept. of Agriculture sa Bicol, ID “BBS Bicol Broadcasting System – 6-0-3 kHz – sounds incredible – B B S …”
603 06.08 1722 unid. possibly w a “PBS / 603 kHz” ID, also “DWL(Z)”, into nx story from Camarines Sur. Should be DZLL but confused by the “IDs”
603 05.08 2011 unid presumed R Taiwan Int in unid SE Asia lingo, not CC?
610 05.08 2012 unid presumed Vietnam w weak yl talk. Always audible, always weak
612 31.07 1428 DYHP RMN, Cebu City w RMN Newsbreak, a robbery/hold-up in Northern Cebu. Next full local ID
621 20.07 2030 DXDC RMN, Davao City fantastic full ID and (for a change: a correct) 8:30 TC. Alone on frq. Also 10.08 2106 noted at c/d.
630 22.07 1008 DZMM Radyo Patrol, Quezon City, NCR ads, ID. 04.08 1816 promo/ad, QRM Makassar
630 01.08 1801 RRI Makassar quick local ID in newscast, in DZMM null. s6 strength, // 4750 shortwave. rrimks@rri-online.com
639 05.08 1746 +DXKR RMN, Koronadal City, Cotabato Sur noted in newstalk, at this time a boxed network RMN brander followed by a local news report abt Koronadal National Park w a YL reporter phoning in her dispatch. Very deep fades. Logged this one tentatively 13.02.2003, now confirmed!
648 27.07 DYXR Aksyon Radyo, Cebu City – off Sundays? 29.07 1608 noted w promos and various IDs “Aksyon Radyo 6-48”, Aksyon Radyo Cebu”, station song, MBC affiliate. Into afternoon px “Carlos Dugaduga in Aksyon” newstalk. 03.08 1519 noted DYXR signing off, probably for maintenance. This left the station below alone on the frq, at s6!, but …: At 1526 also this st left the air …
648 29.07 (Palawan st) weakly noted in DYXR null. Very weak, difficult to null Cebu, heard mentions of Palawan in long speech, no ID.
648 04.08 1818 unid relaying DZRH, in DYXR null, 1823 Palawan mentions (but in DZRH px!). DWRH Santiago, Isabela listed relaying DZRH, but could also be Palawan st?
648 10.08 1742 unid. relay of DZRH // 666, nxtalk and happy birthday gtngs to Bulacan. Could be the Palawan st., or Luzon? At this time DYXR was definitely off, he DZRH relay was good but not up to s9 in strength with loop in correct direction (towards W)
657 25.07 0428 DYVR RMN Roxas City, Capiz local talk in EE. Possibly off Sunday afternoons, not noted 03.08. 05.08 1039 full ID “DYVR RMN Roxas 6-5-7”, into drama. S9+10
666 26.07 0408 DZRH Makati City, NCR ads/newstalk. 03.08 1530 full ID
666 03.08 1740 (+DXRP PBS, Davao City) first unid st playing mx noted in DZRH null, possibly DXRP PBS Davao City. Then 06.08 1729 noted w nxtalk, ID for DWDD, PBS news tune, more nxtalk. SE-NW antenna direction used to null DZRH. Only two stations on 666, DZRH and DXRP – so it must be DXRP with relay of DWDD, as also noted on 792. http://www.dnd.gov.ph/DNDWEBPAGE_files/press/press%20release04-feb-08.htm
675 31.07 1615 DYKC Mandaue City, Cebu local nx, call ID
684 31.07 1627 DYEZ Aksyon Radyo, Bacolod City, Negros Occ ID “Aksyon Radyo Bacolod”
684 05.08 2016 unid CC in talk, announcement. Solid signal
693 06.08 1644 unid RMN st probably DXBC Butuan City w talk, branders, ad
702 22.07 2203 DZAS Valenzuela, NCR yl ID. 05.08 1040 noted a weak het, measured to 701.3 kHz
711 21.07 2200 DXIC Iligan City, Lanao Norte c/d. 06.08 1623 noted w ads, one of them including an ID. DXIC is one of the stations that also operate as retail outlet for herbal products, (as a way of getting money …), and includes an ID as part of the list of retailers in ads for the products.
711 05.08 1733 unid w relay of Sonshine Radio, // 1026. Two candidates here. In DXIC null.. At 1736 possible ID in talk
711 06.08 1658 +DXRD Sonshine Radio, Davao City “DXRD 7-11 Sunshine Radio” ID in DXIC null. Pulling out of “Sonshine balita local”. Very deep fades, at times fair. As DXIC and DXRD are roughly the same direction had to null both stations in a way that left DXRD readable.
720 06.08 1625 (DYOK Aksyon Radyo, Iloilo City) local gtngs w Starland Vocal Band/Afternoon Delight running from tape. No formal ID.
729 18.07 1001 DZGB Legazpi City, Albay ID. 14.8 1734 noted w ID and 50 years on air mention.
729 05.08 1730 unid w relay of DZXL
740 17.08 2035 the listed Vietnam st noted here aside 738 …
747 15.07 1037 DYHB RMN Bacolod City, Negros Occ ID. 03.08 1546 full ID
756 04.08 1715 DXBZ Radyo Bagting, Pagadian City, Zamboanga Sur local nxtalk, “mayong hapon Mindanao” gtng. Also wk unid in DXBZ null. 06.08 1733 solid signal s9+10, full ID including their 10,000 watts … 15.8 and 17.8 2030 noted w full s/off ceremony. 17 broadcast hours, means their s/on is 0330. Mentions that they came on the air in 2001, and that their license is to expire in 2007 (!). Time to change the tape? …
765 15.07 1101 DYPR Puerto Princesa City, Palawan ID in DYAR null. 03.08 1415 noted alone (DYAR apparently off, this was a Sunday) w local msgs
765 20.07 2037 DYAR Sonshine Radio, Cebu City several local IDs, in slight CC QRM.
774 22.07 1017 DYRI RMN Iloilo City ID then back to drama, also wk unid in null (DWWW?)
774 06.08 1736 DWWW Quezon City, NCR good w AM stereo ID. One of the few if not the only Philippine AM st broadcasting in stereo. Directions to DYRI and DWWW makes them 100% nullable individually.
792 15.07 0450 (+DXPD Pagadian City, Zamboanga Sur) presumed, YL studio host w long info on things happening in Kidapawan C, Cotabato C, Sultan Kudarat, North Cotabato, Hotel Castro (Cotabato C), into recorded part of a speech by YL, flwd by OM studio talk. No formal ID. DYRR signed on before the hour, still this signal was dominant.
792 15.07 0459 DYRR Ormoc City, Leyte IDs. Carries drama produced by RMN Cebu until 1530. 27.07 1527 noted w mx, 1530 extensive IDs followed by Beatles/Let It Be. Reports to Noel Palmitos, Chief Engineer.
792 06.08 1630 (DXBN PBS, Butuan City, Agusan Norte) in DYRR null (that is: DYRR have a good signal level but very low audio modulation, so can hear through their audio without nulling). Ending news report w Radyo ng Bayan ID, call letters noted as “DWDD” but not at all sure (which is 1134 Armed Forces R). Into further news developments from Mindanao. One possibility is DXBN Butuan City. “Shivering” audio suggests Mindanao location.. It seems to be programming from DWDD Armed Forces Radio transmitted through the PBS Radyo ng Bayan network, in this case DXBN Butuan City 792 kHz. http://www.dnd.gov.ph/DNDWEBPAGE_files/press/press%20release04-feb-08.htm
801 05.08 1723 unid. Bombo Radyo outlet, DZNC?
801 06.08 1638 +DXES Bombo Radyo, General Santos City good in DYWC Dumaguete null. “Bombo Radyo” ID flwd by mention of “Broadcast Center, General Santos City”. DYWC at s9+10 before nulling.
801 14.08 1458 DYKA San José, Antique playing Colby Keeler/Realize, 1502 prayer flwd by local ads, 1508 full ID “CMN – DYKA 8-0-1- kHz AM”, into new prayer (Fadervår). Clear audio, good signal. Network CMN email: cmnftd@cmn-ftd.org
810 04.08 1701 +DXRG PBS, Gingoog, Misamis Or. Sports from DZSR-918 past the hour, then local ID indicating 882 kHz. PBS must have moved the st without changing the ident. Gingoog is NE of Cagayan de Oro in Northern Mindanao. Weak to fair in DZRJ null. Later played Bryan Hyland oldies “Itsy Bitsy…” and “Sealed With A Kiss”. Studio addr.: Dugenio Str., Gingoog.
819 15.07 0501 DYVL Aksyon Radyo, Tacloban City, Leyte full ID “DYVL Aksyon Radyo Tacloban” in promo. Just before there was an apparent “Radyo Ukay” mention, possibly by a different male voice, could be DXUM which is listed with this slogan.
819 01.08 1730 +DXUM Davao City very hard to get an ID from, in fact impossible! Only carries rlg lectures, however at this time what appeared to be a local ann. by YL promoting a specific lecture. Should do for identification purposes
828 01.08 1357 DXCC RMN Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Or ads/”Radyo Milionaryo” promo, local ID/slogan, back to drama
837 19.07 1431 DYFM Bombo Radyo, Iloilo YL studio host w local gtngs, saying salamat (thank you) for letters to the station. ID, into ads. Gave mailing address as Mapa Street, Iloilo. Email: bombo_iloilo@bomboradyo.com Similar email addresses to other Bombo outlets?
846 26.07 0358 DZRV Radio Veritas, Quezon City, NCR full s/on
882 22.07 2200 DWIZ Navotas, NCR ID
882 29.07 0930 DYOG PBS, Calbayog City, Samar TC and full EE ID after local Samar public msgs “servicio publico”. In DWIZ null
891 15.07 1941 +DZGR Bombo Radyo, Tuguegarao, Cagayan two “Bombo Radyo Tuguegarao” IDs in QRM. Also “Basta Radyo!” slogan, like all other local Bombo outlets.
900 04.08 1145 DYOW Bombo Radyo, Roxas City, Capiz ads for Uno Herbal Capsules/IDs/promo, then suddenly the xmtr went dark – or possibly the exciter left operating as a very weak signal could still be heard… bombo_roxas@bomboradyo.com
909 27.07 1532 DYLA Cebu City promo
909 17.08 1900 +CNR-6 Shenzou zhi Sheng (Voice of Shenzhou) via Quanzhou in Mandarin. The ID is “…liu ba si qianhe, Shenzhou zhi Sheng” (…684 kHz, Voice of Shenzhou). //684 and four other AM frqs.
927 14.08 1711 DZLG Bombo Radyo, Legazpi City, Albay bombo_legazpi@bomboradyo.com YL talk, mention of Sorsogon, TC, “Bombo Report – Afternoon Edition”– and then the unexpected bonus from Agusan:
927 14.08 1715 +DXDA Radyo Agusan, San Francisco, Agusan del Sur noted partly below and at same strength as difficultly nullable DZLG. “Radyo Agusan Report – Afternoon Edition” ID. Later mention of San Francisco. 1727 ID “Radyo Agusan … 10,000 watts”, into local ads. This is inland Agusan, south of Prosperidad City
936 15.07 1108 DXIM PBS, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Or PBS network ID, then local YL TC and call ID. Into feature “One Town, One Product”. 14.08 1457 ID, 2.57 TC into PSA from Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.
936 23.07 1200 DWIM Radyo Mindoro, Calapan, Mindoro Or fair in DXIM null, “Radio Mindoro 9-3-6 …” ID. Is ex-937, was one kHz split in 2005, now back on track.
954 31.07 1702 +DXMP PBS, Tangub City, Misamis Occ new PBS st, came on the air sometime in 2007. Full PBS network ID flwd by local tail and local talk. In DZEM null. Among PIA news releases mentioning DXMP: http://www.pia.gov.ph/?m=12&fi=p080724.htm&no=27 and http://www.pia.gov.ph/?m=12&fi=p080822.htm&no=42
963 06.08 1554 DYMF Bombo Radyo, Cebu City ending drama, local promo, into “Bombo News and Views – Afternoon Edition”. bombo_cebu@bomboradyo.com
972 17.07 0836 DXKH Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Or DZRH relay // 666, ID, TC
981 15.07 1859 +DXBR Bombo Radyo, Butuan City, Agusan del Norte w long info on Wage Order No. 9, promos and finally an ID “Bombo Radyo Butuan”. Also daytime ID 01.08 1125 along w DWMT. bombo_butuan@bomboradyo.com
981 22.07 2153 +DWMT Naga City, Camarines Sur w DZRH relay, //666
990 06.08 1749 unid. relay of DZRH carrying commentary abt president Arroyo´s State of the Nation Address (SONA). Should be DYTH Tacloban City
999 15.07 2042 DYSS Cebu City ID, also spur of DYSS still on 927 kHz. 26.07 0355 noted w extensive s/on ann. 16.07 1606 noted unid st in DYSS null, ads, possibly DWMI Calapan, Mindoro.
1008 30.07 1714 +RRI Gorontalo pleasant surprise, had expected DWBS… YL local newstalk, mentions of Gorontalo, 1721 several local “RRI Gorontalo” IDs, “RRI” only pronounced as letters. Unexpected sunset fade-in DX from the south! Also noted alongside the regular Filipino (DWBS presumed) later dates. ppu-gtlo@rri-online.com
1008.8 11.08 1946 this is the correctly measured frq for DXXX R Ronda, Zamboanga City. This evening at times good beside 1008 kHz, but hard to ID.
1010 05.08 1830 unid. Zamboanga st presumably DXXX at times good, local newstalk/ads
1017 05.08 1711 DWLC PBS, Lucena City, Quezon full network ID w local tail. QRM from other Philippine st., still unid. Possibly ID sounding like “Radyo Otcho”??
1026 03.08 1641 DXMC Bombo Radyo, Koronadal City, Cotabato Sur promoting “Dr. Bombo” px, series of “Bombo Radyo Koronadal” IDs. Sunset DX.
1026 11.08 1632 DZAR Sonshine Radio, Quezon City, NCR local call ID, into “Primetime balita”
1035 05.08 1708 DYRL Bacolod City, Negros Occ ID. 14.8 noted a weak unid below DYRL.
1035 05.08 2054 +DZWX Bombo Radyo, Baguio City, Benguet dominating frq for nearly an hour, slight CC QRM. Local news features/commentaries, ads/slogans (none local). A local ID at 2054 (not recorded). 2107 commentary about city budget for 2008, should do for report. bombo_baguio@bomboradyo.com
1043.8 18.07 1005 DYMS Aksyon Radyo, Catbalogan, Samar ID “Aksyon Radyo DYMS”, community messages incl a brown envelope found, and msg from Catbalogan Water District. 27.07 1539 noted a Radyo Natin jingle here, MBC/Natin jingle at 1601, followed 2 mins later by DYMS ID. Relay of local Natin outlet … In DXCC CdO null. One of the two slightly off frq, one on 1045.2? DYMS appears to be associated with the print and internet paper Samar News: http://www.samarnews.com/radio/index.htm, email info@samarnews.com. Official pictured: Ray P. Gaspay.
1044 05.08 1420 always het(s) here, at this time measured one signal to 1044.2 kHz (w Naga mention, should be DZNG), and one on 1043.8 which I think is DYMS Catbalogan. That would leave Cagayan de Oro on 1044?
1044.2 05.08 2017 DZNG Bombo Radyo, Naga City, Camarines Sur ID, ads, 2020 featuring interview w Mr. Lara abt problems at Metropolitan Naga City Water District. 14.8 1429 noted w ID “Bombo Radyo DZNG Naga …”. Also IDs as “Basta Radyo – Bombo!”, as do the other Bombo outlets, using a network brander cart. bombo_naga@bomboradyo.com
1053 01.08 1550 DXKD Radyo Ronda, Dipolog City, Zamboanga Norte full ID, local event ann., ads. 05.08 1706 noted unid carrying NBC News (US), presumably DXKD
1062 06.08 1618 unid. relaying 702 DZAS, FEBC Radio // 702 – possibly DXKI Koronadal?
1062 11.08 1629 DZEC EBC (Eagle Broadc Corp), Quezon City, NCR in nxtalk/sports from “DZEC Balita Center”, full local ID. At 1848 carried network ID for their three sts in Manila, Cebu (… 35) and Davao (1224). What is the Cebu outlet?
1062 DXKI Koronadal City, Cotabato Sur not heard this time. dxki@febc.org.ph
1071 05.08 1609 DZSL Talisay, Camarines Norte in “balitas a las quatro” locally originated newscast. 1615 into “balitas local” up to 1620. 1623 full ID incl. “DZSL 10-71”. This one has been reported moved to 1503 kHz, that is not the case. Messy listings in Bicol region by NTC.
1080 18.07 1848 unid Radyo Ronda outlet noted here, most likely DXKS Surigao City. Reporter filing news story to studio, probably locally originating px. 06.08 1611 noted two stations, one w rlg song (YL), one newstalker.
1080 01.08 1747 unid DZEC 1062 outlet here, call/frq ID, should be DWIN Dagupan City.
1089 27.07 1550 DXCM Radyo Ukay, Cotabato City, Maguindanao unusually early fade-in b4 sunset, played “You Raise Me Up”, 1557 full ID followed by Quran chants … Weak, had hoped for DYHR Calbayog, Samar but no …
1107 18.07 1836 DYIN Bombo Radio, Kalibo, Aklan ID. bombo_kalibo@bomboradyo.com
1116 18.07 1854 DYTR Tagbilaran, Bohol ID. 02.08 1815 extensive local nx incl. stories about Panglao Island and Bohol Int. Airport. Used BBC news music as their background to the stories … 09.08 0701 powerhouse signal in Panglao Beach, Bohol, of course, local nx and full ID. Promoting internet streaming, mentioned 5,000 watts, KBP member since 1993. Heavily overmodulated. Also 1161 DYRD solid signal in Panglao.
1116.3 24.07 2031 +DXAS FEBC Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Sur split from DYTR and a Chinese, FEBC mention, 2105 full c/d w hymn. Very deep voiced male, hard to get the words, but clearly distinctive from 1116. dxas@febc.org.ph
1125 01.08 1703 DXGM Super Radyo, Davao City solid signal this sunset, several promos, ads. Promos included one for local GMA TV 5, 8 and 12.
1125 03.08 10658 unid Bombo Radyo outlet w brief network ID
1125 DWAS Legazpi City not heard … dwas@febc.org.ph
1134 01.08 0959 DWDD Quezon City, NCR w full EE ID, unusual daytime signal from this one
1143 01.08 1100 +DYRM Dumaguete City, Negros Or now here, ex-1134. ID still stating 1134, but absolutely terrible modulation … Off for a while, just returning? Invited signal reports to cellph 0919 4992251
1152 18.07 1007 DYCM Bogo, Cebu ID “DYCM 11-52 Cebu del Norte”, massive signal in Leyte. 04.08 2134 noted w ad for Aqua del Asun purified drinking water, show “Bogo By Night” sponsored by Bogo Water District. S9+40 signal, severely overmodulated though “flat” audio. Also 05.08 1302 w “Textmate Unlimited” to 0926-5583980 etc.
1161 17.07 0705 DYRD Tagbilaran, Bohol promoting website. 03.08 0722 in local nx “DYRD Radyo balita”, Bank of Bohol ad, into DYRD//DYZD Bohol Chronicle Sports, first boxing.
1170 03.08 1736 DXMR PBS Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Sibugay local w Blondie oldie, 5.38 TC, ID “DXMR Radyo ng Bayan …”, comment abt MORO elections and Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the MILF. Played long segments of non-stop mx. Could also be the one below?
1170 31.07 1732 unid. possibly new Iloilo st., a mumbled “…. 11-70” ID in PBS QRM. Hard to null. Played long sections of non-stop mx, only clear TC at 1745.
1170 31.07 2053 +DWVA VoA, Poro Point, Luzon noted w “World News Now” px, 2100 VoA ID into CC service. Is this one x-1143?
1179 31.07 1202 unid relay of DZBB 594 RGMA Super Radyo noted.
1179 11.08 1719 same unid as above w nx report, ads, what sounded like a “DY..” ID flwd by “Double D Bantay bagyo” slogan, 1720 “Super Balita DZ-Double B Big Time balita”. PAL lists DXYK Butuan City, Agusan Norte as carrying this service at times.
1188 31.07 1356 DZLT Lucena City, Quezon relaying local FM DZLQ 98.3 One FM, Lucena C.
1188 31.07 2101 DXIF Bombo Radyo, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Or local slogan and local! Prayer
1197 06.08 1604 (DXFE FEBC, Davao City) OM studio talk, probably local. TC for 4.06pm, greetings, Christian talk. No formal ID, but most likely this one. s8 signal. dxfe@febc.org.ph
1206 15.07 1054 DWAN MMDA Traffic Radio 12-0-6, Quezon City, NCR ID. Uses the instrumental intro of Kool & The Gang´s hit “Celebration” as background music most times, also played non-stop during periods of no messages…!
1206 09.08 0715 DXRS RMN Surigao City, Surigao Norte weak but alone in Panglao Beach, Bohol. Out of presumed network “RMN News Nationwide”, into extensive series of local ads. No formal ID. Very tough to get through MMDA in Leyte.
1215 22.07 1504 DYRF Radyo Fuerza, Cebu City, TC, “DYRF newsbreak”. 01.08 1612 noted w series of promos, new slogan appears to be “Radyo Fuerza”. 03.08 series of IDs and promos, mentioned sister st Power FM 89.1.
1224 17.07 0829 DWSR Lucena City, Quezon only DZRH relay. ID, TC, newstalk
1224 21.07 2200 +DXED Davao City c/d, ID as “DZEC Davao” which (DZEC) is the network hub in Manila on 1062 kHz … Atop otherwise dominating DWSR
1233 21.07 2024 DYVS FEBC, Bacolod City, Negros Occ ending “Insight for living” px http://www.insight.org, local ID, inviting texts to 2299. DWRV below. 03.08 1630 a “Lifeline” msg flwd by full ID, into one more “Insight for living” px. . dyvs@febc.org.ph
1242 22.07 2137 DWBL Pasig City, NCR series of promos w several “DWBL 12-42” IDs
1251 31.07 1208 DYRG Kalibo, Aklan full ID and slogan (Radyo Luchon??), announced c/d for transmitter adjustments. Xmtr off at 1209 – this was Thursday midday!
1260 03.08 1614 DYDD Bantay Radyo, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu IDs. Good but reverbed audio. In DZEL null.
1260 17.08 0958 DZEL Lucena City, Quezon ID “EBC DZEC 10-62”, into Roxette tune. Relaying DZEC … Also noted 06.08 1121 as “unid” w herbal doctor Ramon Tan in studio talk w host, flwd by fone report abt MILF deal incl “DZEC” ID, then ad for Aquaplus Probiotic.
1269 25.07 0417 DYWB Bacolod City, Negros Occ full s/on, long Bombo Radyo song
1287 17.07 0819 +DZZH Sorsogon City only DZRH relay and ID, wx
1296 17.07 0817 DXAB RMN, Davao City weak “DXAB 1296- una sa balita, ..” ID in DYBQ null, unusually late after sunrise.
1296 05.08 1405 DYJJ IBC, Roxas City, Capiz ID and slogan, belongs to IBC network
1322 11.08 1851 DXAD Marawi City, Lanao Sur noted w series of long local (Marawi/Iligan) promotions/ads, 1903 full ID indicating 1323 kHz. 1322 is correctly measured frq. One of the ads at 1855 was part EE, part Arabic, very strange!
1323 04.08 2142 DYSI Super Radyo, Iloilo City in px “Dear Dr. Love”, s9+20. Full ID “GMA Super Radyo DYSI”. Mention of sister st DY-FM. Strong het from 1322 DXAD.
1350 15.07 1819 DZXQ Pasig City, NCR ID
1350 03.08 1606 harmonic of DYKC 675 Cebu City noted w “Cool Country” show, this is 2 x 675! Also noted 06.08 1117
1359 13.07 even Family Radio, Taiwan dominating frq w Tagalog px for the Phils
1368 06.08 1109 DXKO Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Or ID, mid-morning talk show w YL host, greetings. s9 signal.
1377 29.07 1623 DXKP Pagadian City, Zamboanga Sur full ID, Radio Philippines Network (RPN), gtng “mayong hapon Pagadian” (good afternoon Pagadian), sunset fade-in. RPN net
1386 26.07 0430 unid CC, weak, possible ID at this time
1395 16.07 1600 DZVT San Jose, Mindoro Occ, ID. CMN affiliate. Also weak DZRH relay st //666, 666 being a split second early. 01.08 1158 vy good signal, full ID and prayer
1404 01.08 1520 DYKB Radyo Ronda, Bacolod City, Negros Occ talk/songs, overmodulated. Indicated px name “Ronda Checkpoint”, full slogans/IDs. s7
1416 11.08 spur of DYHP 612 RMN Cebu City is heard around this frq, very bad “audio”
1422 01.08 2026 BEG42 Radio Taiwan Int., Minhsiung in Indonesian px.
1440 21.07 2155 DWDH Dagupan City, Pangasinan relaying DZRH, //666, talk abt boxer Manny Pacquiao – Philippine Olympic flagbearer in Beijing
1449 15.07 0439 DYAC Baybay, Leyte promo. Carries Deutsche Welle EE news mid-morning. Visited station 24.07. 30.07 1653 noted w EE prayer flwd by full EE c/d ann, 1656 national anthem, 1657 xmtr off. Broadcast hours: Mon-Fri 04-17, Sat/Sun off. Reports to Adelina O. Carreno, Broadcast Production Supervisor, aocarreno@yahoo.com.ph Station Manager: Prof. Christina Gabrillo. DYAC launched August 27, 1982.
1458 04.08 0731 DYZZ Gihulngan, Negros Occ promo/ads, “Bantay balita”
1458 23.07 1145 +DZJV Calamba, Laguna yl ID “DZJV 14-5-8”, weak but alone in DYZZ null. The JV part of DZJV call means Jesus Victory.
1467 29.07 1639 unid. w mention of Zamboanga. Probably DXVP Zamboanga City.
1475 02.08 2130 RTM Suara Malaysia ending Tagalog px to the Philippines, ID/frq/nat. anthem. S9+30. REPORT EMAIL SENT 15.10.2008
1476 02.08 2130 unid. carrying VoA Music mix service, possibly DXRJ Iligan City? At 2205 out of VoA news, more Music Mix. DXRJ is on 1476.1
1476.1 14.08 1538 DXRJ Iligan City, Lanao Norte w ID/TC, local gtngs. S9+10.
1485 14.08 1545 +DYDH Iloilo City relaying DZRH, // 666, ID 1551. Heard since 2003, but never bothered to make a firm note …
1494 13.07 1702 DXOC Ozamis City, Misamis Occ ID. 29.07 1636 noted w ID, net R Corp of the Philippines. Also 29.07 1635, ID.
1494 05.08 1901 DWSS Pasig City, NCR ending segment of non-stop oldies, into px of greetings
1503 15.07.2008 +Radio France Int, Fangliao (TWN) relay This “should” be Radio France Internationale in French via Taiwan, but instead it’s in Khmer. At the beginning, they announce RFI’s FM frequencies for Kompong Cham, Battambang and Sihanoukville. As far as
I know, normally RFI Khmer is only on FM nowadays, so perhaps it was a switching error?
1512 23.07 1106 DZAT Lucena City, Quezon full ID in Cebu null, End Time Mission Bcg Service
1512 01.08 1206 DYAB Cebu City IDs
1530 14.08 1541 DZME Radyo Uno, Quezon City, NCR nxtalk, ID “DZME 15-30 Radyo Uno”, TC, lotto numbers
1548 22.07 2230 +DW, Trincomalee ending GG px, into Urdu or Bengali w “DW” ID. Atop PHL st relaying DZBB Manila – who?
1557 22.07 2220 Family Radio (TWN) in EE
1566.5 17.07 0809 +DYMP PBS, Palo, Leyte full local ID after network nx, focus on bagyong (typhoon) Helen. New st, very weak, only audible on longwire, not on loop! 22.07 1404 noted very good signal, full local ID, local yl host w various news stories. On 1566.5 kHz, per notes 01.08 and 06.08
1575 05.08 2030 Vo America, Ayutthaya “Welcome to the Voice of America in Lao …”, cute intro, powerhouse signal! Inviting visit to http://www.voanews.com/lao Should also be // SW 9835, 11930 kHz. lao-service@voanews.com
1593 13.07 1706 DXFM Marawi City, Lanao Sur full ID. 01.08 noted closing down at 2021. 11.08 1841 noted w Moslem rlg service w the words spoken in EE, very strange!
1611 01.08 2020 unid weak signal here, best in N-S direction


2310 15.07 1800 VL8A ABC Northern Territory, Alice Springs NT ID “… 783 ABC Alice Springs”. This is the local ABC st 8AL in Alice Springs.
2485 02.08 2125 ABC Katherine NT noted at s9 level
3205 02.08 2101 (NBC Radio West Sepik/Radio Sanduan, Vanimo) vernacular OM talk, not EE. No ID, still highly likely based on present condx and other Papua signals like 3365 kHz. PAL lists this one as R Sanduan, while WRTH-08 and Ontario DX Assn. (2007) has the name as R West Sepik.
3235 02.08 2110 (NBC Radio West New Britain, Kimbe) w local mx, YL talk 2112, not EE, into reggae mx. s9+20 but high level of tropical static/bursts.
3260 24.07 1858 (NBC Radio Madang) tentative, local-style mx, OM studio host, back to mx
3325 20.07 1958 RRI Palangkaraya (Central Kalimantan) mumbled ID, mentions of Borneo/Kalimantan, into what appeared to be network nx. 22.07 2110 noted w ad for Clinic Harmonic, Palangkaraya, s9+40db! 11.08 2059:30 at s9+30 out of mx, bips and full “Radio Republik Indonesia Palangkaraya” ID (emphasis on the second half of the name), RRI song (!), YL mention of kHz and MHz. Into phone-in. The best Indonesian here, clean frq, no utility QRM.
3335 02.08 2109 (NBC Radio East Sepik, Wewak) w ads, suddenly the xmtr appeared to shut down… No ID.
3345 18.07 1800 RRI Ternate (North Moluccas) yl feature, mention of Ternate, also “Buka Radio”, no formal ID
3365 02.08 2056 (NBC Radio Milne Bay, Alotau) playing Sheryl Crow/First Cut Is The Deepest and Art Garfunkel/Bright Eyes, EE talk inbetween without any ID. 2102 TC “2 minutes past 11 …”.
3905 23.07 1735 NBC Radio New Ireland, Kavieng weak but clear audio, YL talk mention of New Ireland noted, music cuts, an ad heard at 1742. 1743 OM studio host w “you are in tune with local radio – NBC New Ireland” ID
3995 18.07 1821 RRI Kendari (South East Celebes) mx and talk, mention of Kendari, no formal ID until 24.07 1830, followed by berita
4605 23.07 1800 RRI Serui (Papua) presumed on this date first, no formal ID, into nx probably local, mentions of Serui. 06.08 1803 full ID “Radio Republik Indonesia Serui” inbetween several songs. Usually at only fair strength. rrisr@rri-online.com
4750 17.07 1702 RRI Makassar (South Sulawesi) full ID in feature. Is // 630 kHz.
4790 19.07 1649 RRI Fak Fak (West Irian Jaya) brief ID ending feature, into mx. 03.08 1652 full ID, 1702 into Quran chant. S9. 04.08 1801 same strength, finally a full ID on tape … rriff@rri-online.com
4870 19.07 1659 RRI Wamena (Papua) full ID after local version of “Morning Has Broken”. rriwn@rri-online.com
4930 22.07 2213 V o America in EE nx, no other than the Botswana relay here? Weak.
4950 02.08 2120 +unid CC music, CC announcement. Possible Pujiang zhi Sheng ID indicating the Shanghai based service.
5025 17.07 1629 ABC Northern Territory Service, Katherine NT ending feature abt Australian films, promo mentioning 105.7 FM which is the Darwin FM frq, into nx summary incl. item on Royal Darwin Hospital. Xmtr off 1632:20
5765 18.07 1715 AFRTS feeder, Barrigada, Guam w baseball talk. Strong. USB
5770 04.08 2201 (Myanmar Defences Forces, Taunggyi) (presumed) non-stop mx to the hour, then YL talk, possible Myanmar mentions. Weakly modulated, good signal strength. E-QSL from Defence Forces Broadcasting Unit, Taunggyi, Myanmar, 5770, with JPEG of prepared card, in English, inviting visit. Came from sny@mandalay.net.mm (Glenn Hauser)
5965 17.07 0843 RTM Klasik Nasional FM, Kajang ID “Radio Klasik Nasional”, promo, jingles. Studio audio sounded like the YL host was sitting inside a tin can …
5995 01.08 1818 Radio Australia, Brandon QLD carrying the Tok Pisin language service to Papua and the Pacific, good signal. //6020 and 9710 (Shepparton), although those frqs were buried in QRM. Brandon is 10 kW, with antenna directed 010 degrees.
6150 17.07 0849 938Live (Mediacorp), Kranji (SGP) ads one of them for TV channel Star 4, ID, local Singapore tfc update “TrafficWatch”, promos 0851 Business news
6170 18.07 0859 PBS, Marulas, Valenzuela, NCR (PHL) w relay of DZRM-1278, ID into nx. s9+20, supposed to be only 250 watts
7130 20.07 1731 RTM Wai FM, Kuching w brander, more mx
7145 20.07 1728 Radio New Zealand Int., Rangitaiki talked about the old days, now Tom Mills reminiscing
7150 10.08 2051 China Business Radio, Xian w EE ID
7165 24.07 1800 Moskva Hoso, Yelizovo into JJ px. Yelizovo is on Sakhalin Island, just north of Japan.
7235 17.07 0903 Ria 89.7FM (Mediacorp), Kranji (SGP) jingle, mx. Hindi service?
7280 19.07 1500 Haixia zhi Sheng (V of the Strait) Beijing TC and ID. Also 29.07 1700 in Mandarin, YL TC, ID, talk. ID also 1702. 11.08 0900 bips and ID. This one is Haixia zhi Sheng (V of the Strait), with their “Life” Service in Mandarin. There’s an ID about 58 secs into the 1500 UTC clip “Zheli shi Haixia zhi Sheng jiu-ling-liu Shenghuo Guangbo” (“This is Voice of the Strait 906 Life Broadcast”, 90.6 being their FM frequency). There’s also an ID in the second clip 50 seconds in, but I think the name of the network is identified as Shenghuo Zixun Pindao (Life Information Channel).
7295 17.07 0859 RTM Traxx FM, Kajang morning show, Australian accented team, jingle, RTM news
7325 17.07 1604 Wantok Radio Light, Port Moresby ID “You´re lsng to Wantok Radio Light FM ..”. s9+10
7555 13.08 0730 V o America ending language lesson, into Special English nx. // 7350. KJES is listed here by WRTH. Xmtr site?
9460 02.08 0900 China Radio Int., Kunming opening the morning transmission to Asia in Amoy. As with all CRI transmissions, there’s an opening ID in Mandarin at 00:54: “Zhongguo Guoji Guangbo Diantai” followed by an ID in the language of the transmission. 9460 is listed via Kunming.
9550 06.08 1430 Radio Habana Cuba into EE news items. Promoting streaming on http://www.rhc.cu
9570 25.07 1627 KBS World Radio, Seoul ending ½ hr in EE
9720 04.08 0727 Radio Veritas Asia, Palauig (PHL) ending 30 mins of Philippine service in Tagalog, into Myanmar px at 0730 (2330 UTC). s9+20.
9730 18.07 0902 V o Korea, Kujang EE nx from Pyongyang
9930 18.07 1759 KWHR World Harvest Radio, Naalehu HI ending show “Live from Studio B”, full local LeSea broadcasting ID w call and Oahu mention. Mail address: PO Box 12, South Bend, IN 46624, USA. Into IRN USA Radio News. KWHR closed in autumn 2008, they now use Palau.
10320 22.07 1622 AFRTS feeder, Pearl Harbor HI w baseball talk, USB.
11580 25.07 1600 KFBS, Marpi, Saipan CM s/on, into Mandarin px. S9+10.
11620 13.08 0830 All India Radio, Bangalore (Khampur?) (General Overseas Service?) EE nx, ID 0835, into commentary
11800 17.07 1000 CNR2 China Business Radio, Beijing CC and EE ID
11835 22.07 0944 China Business Radio, Xian //11845 (also Xian), “China Business Radio – your radio!”
12020 13.08 0756 unid. EE probably V o Vietnam ending EE service, no ID
12759 25.07 1006 AFRTS feeder, Diego Garcia vy weak, into “Sports Byline” px. PAL lists this one as 12579 kHz, but 12759 is correct.
13362 17.07 1609 AFRTS feeder, Barrigada, Guam w “Golf Minute”. Xmtr abruptly off 1610. USB.
15110 01.08 1300 Radio Kuwait, Kabd ending AA px, ID “This is Radio Kuwait, the time now is 8am Kuwait local time or 5 hundred GMT”, commencing EE px “The Ethics of Islam”. Indicated 963 kHz for State of Kuwait and Arabian Gulf, and 96.3 MHz FM locally. S7-8
15180 25.07 1003 V o Korea, Pyongyang into SS px
15275 25.07 1000 Radio Thailand, Udon Thani into EE px. 11.08 1019 w ID and tourism ad.
15320 25.07 1630 FEBC, Bocaue, Bulacan (PHL) w “FEBC Manila” ID, into px of Indonesian dialects. On this frq not WRTH listed 15325. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bocaue,_Bulacan
15340 18.07 1729 Deutsche Welle ending EE nx summary. Xmtr site?
15415 04.08 1109 Radio Australia, Shepparton solid signal, promoting “Olympic Minute” coverage of the Beijing games. 1110 into “Connect Asia” px
15510 18.07 1021 DZRP Radyo Pilipinas, Tinang (Bulacan prov.?) (PHL) w R Pilipinas promo, EE px “Dateline Malacañang”. // 15285 and 15635. Also noted on this frq 11.08 1009 w EE nx, inviting letters. Into “Dateline Malacañang”.
15515 25.07 1635 CVC International, (Darwin NT) w EE nx/sports, correspondents´ reports and “Tips for Life” w Dr. Gary Forbes
15520 28.07 0957 Radio Veritas Asia, Palauig, Zambales (PHL) ending px in Xomi Chin, EE s/off ID, to return 2330 UTC in Kachin (a Myanmar dialect). transmitter@rveritas-asia.org http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palauig,_Zambales
15530 16.07 1027 Radio Veritas Asia, Palauig, Zambales (PHL) EE ID, s/off, ending Vietnamese px, back at 1000 UTC with Mandarin
15550 16.07 1001 Zhongyang RGB noted w series of promos/ads
15580 06.08 1330 V o A (Sao Tome or Botswana?) switching from “Daybreak Africa” in EE to “World News Now”
15595 04.08 1105 Deutsche Welle, Yelizovo relay (Sakhalin) into DW Newslink” px in EE
15660 04.08 1100 RFE/RL, Udon Thani (THA) w YL nx, “Radio Domdarshar” ID, language? Kazakh, Kyrghiz? Many mentions of Kazakhstan. I can hear many references to Kazakhstan in a Central Asian language, and a check of A08 season schedules shows that RFE/RL in Kazakh was on 15660 daily at 0200-0400 UTC via Udon Thani, Thailand. I think that matches with 1100 Philippines time. I agree that the ID sounds like Radio Dondarshar or Radio Tondarshai, or something like that, but maybe that is the name of a programme segment on RFE/RL Kazakh?
15710 17.08 1500 CNR5 V o Zhonghua, Beijing ID on the hour. 15710 is one of CNR’s services for Taiwan (both Voice of Zhonghua or Voice of Shenzhou are mentioned in the clip.
15720 01.08 1233 Radio New Zealand Int., Rangitaiki ending nx/sports/wx, carrying Radio New Zealand National service to the Pacific. 02.08 0907 w long range wx for e.g. “Westland and Fiordland”, as well as the Chathams, mentioned a new search engine: http://www.cuil.com Their own URL http://www.rnz.co.nz
15785 02.08 0906 China Radio Int. bringing even more Olympic news in EE
17645 06.08 1129 KSDA Adventist World Radio/Vo Hope, Agat, Guam ending EE service, xmtr off
17650 06.08 1130 Radio Farda w ID and talk here


3504.5 01.08 1808 HL14ARDF calling CQ. CW. No reply. Special call?
5000 17.07 1651 WWVH Hawaii w standard TCs and wx, also on 10000 and 15000
6324 25.07 1708 NMC San Francisco Radio (Calif.) CW marker
6326 25.07 1710 XSG Shanghai Radio CW marker
7080 27.07 1515 DU4DF (Lito), Naga City, Camarines Sur wkg YB7XP. Strong. USB
7080 27.07 1515 YB7XP, Bantang, Kalimantan (INS) fair signal. USB, wkg DU4DF. Bantang is on the SE coast of Borneo. LSB.
7085 17.07 1550 VE3XYU/DU3, Pete wkg other DUs like DU1AK, DU1JY in scheduled group. LSB.
7095 01.08 1811 DU1BP, Greenhills, Manila and DU1JI in QSO, also a foreign st earlier. LSB.
7149 19.07 1553 8PNX ??? CW marker “de 8PNX 8PNX B7TZ B7TZ B7TZ”
7350 22.07 1519 unid. traffic (2 or more sts), Tagalog, codes, possibly Philippine military. Also on 5850 kHz. Both USB.
9301 17.08 1005 +XSF2 Lianyungang Radio vy fast “XSF2 CY” CW marker. QRM from CC broadcast stn on 9300, that one in // 9365 kHz. Lianyungang is a port city located in northern Jiangsu province north of Shanghai, at 118 4′ – 119 9′ E longitude and 34 11′ – 35 15′ N latitude, on the shore of the Huang Hai (Yellow Sea).
11384 17.07 1638 Tokyo Aero wkg aircraft JAL-703, also San Francisco Aero briefly on. USB. 18.07 1742 noted Tokyo mentioning different frq: 8902 kHz
11387 17.07 1644 Bangkok Volmet w EE volmet wx. USB
12238.6 13.08 morn unid. tfc in LSB, two male voices, Indonesian?
12325 13.08 morn unid. USB tfc, possibly Indonesian?
12502 18.07 1738 unid. traffic (2 sts) in Tagalog, possibly Philippine army (AFP)? Lots of USB traffic on SW coming in from SE Asia, different lingos, none of this in Europe any more. Very hard to identify. Also noted 13.08 morning, sounded like aircraft
12549 25.07 1010 A9M Hamala Radio (BHR) CW marker “de a9m tlx”
12648 25.07 1007 XSQ Guangzhou Radio CW marker, ID with tone burst
12649 25.07 1007 XSG Shanghai Radio CW marker, ID with tone burst
14016.9 18.07 1735 many JA st clg unid DX, calls noted incl JA1MLV and JA6BDB. CW
14190 15.07 1807 VR2ØØ8O Hong Kong special Olympic call, vy strong, wkg UA3KW, etc. USB
21230 27.07 0957 BA6AP, Shenzhen, China clg CQ contest, USB. ba6ap@163.net


Fantastic opening to Southern China on Thursday July 31st. Also one hour in the afternoon August 17th from approx. 1650 until 1800 PST. I checked for signals from Indonesia (Kalimantan) and Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak) / Vietnam also during these openings, but no signs of any signals from those directions, except the single signal on 97.8 MHz on August 17th. William Hepburn suggests that the conditions experienced were sporadic E. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sporadic_E and based on how the signals “behaved” I think this is correct.

I have had the wonderful assistance of Alan G. Davies http://www.asiawaves.net to identify a number of Chinese FM stations, as well as a few AM mediumwave and shortwave signals. Text with yellow (green for one note on 97.8) background means Alan is the one who has identified the signal.

64.25 27.07 1014 +Chinese TV audio noted here, s0-3. FM antenna pointing north to southern China. Should be CCTV2, according to Tony Mann´s checklist. Only this date, before the fantastic opening 31.07.
65.7 17.07 1126 +ABS-CBN Cebu, TV audio of the “Game KNB” show, FM audio. Local opt-out with news from Cebu studios up to around 0700 each weekday morning. 13.08 0653 noted in local Cebu (Sugbo, old version of city name) segment, local nx stories, ending 0715 when they went back to Manila network feed. Could end the local segment by hooking up with live studiocam of DYAB or 97.1 Lupig-Sila, to promote them
83.75 31.07 1216 +Chinese TV audio //83.925. CCTV4 listed here.
87.4 31.07 1445 +CNR-3, Yinyue zhi Sheng (Voice of Music), (Guangzhou relay) talk/mx, several “… Music Radio …” mentions. It’s CNR-3, Yinyue zhi Sheng (Voice of Music), which uses the English ID “Music Radio”. Very likely it’s the FM relay in Guangzhou on 87.4 MHz.
87.8 17.08 1700 +China Business Radio, (Haikou, Hainan relay) full CC/EE ID on the hour. The only listing I can find for this network on 87.8 is for Haikou on Hainan Island. That looks possible — slightly further than Guangzhou and also on a similar azimuth from PHL. This was the first “ID” of this brief opening on FM to China.The band caught my ear around 1645 when almost all of the local FM stations in the Visayas area were “dead”, before China boomed in from just before 1700 for around an hour. Past 1800 all the locals returned … Only a few locals are able to beat the Chinese 97.1 DYLS, 99.5 DYRT, 101.3 R Natin, Daan Bantayan, 107.1 DYEN, although DYEN had to fight it out with CC QRM!
88.0 31.07 1330 +Feiyang 88 (Guangzhou PBS 4) music into ID “Feiyang 88” (eight-eight is ‘bat bat’ in Cantonese, ‘feiyang’ in Mandarin means something like “fly high” or “soar”, and the pronunciation of Feiyang is almost the same in Cantonese as Mandarin). It is the 4th programme of Guangzhou PBS, for young people on 88.0 MHz, and it’s also in Cantonese in this clip (sorry my web page http://www.asiawaves.net/pearl-river-fm-radio.htm.had a mistake here: It ´s listed as Guangdong PBS instead of Guangzhou PBS). The same service is also simulcast on 1170 kHz in Guangzhou, which happens to be the medium wave frequency used by VOA Mandarin/Cantonese from the Philippines beamed to southern China in the local evenings — what a coincidence!!!
88.3 DYAP Moms Radio, Cebu City appears to be silent
88.7 31.07 1638 +unid CC w fone-in/competition. The chat is in Mandarin, about different ways of washing your face. Several mentions are made of a phone number, 12590715892. A Google search on this number turns up lots of complaints that this number is involved in some kind of scam, where various radio stations in different parts of China persuade listeners to call this expensive premium-rate phone line for a chance to win “prizes”. Apart from that, there are no other clues that I can hear about the ID of this particular station.
89.0 17.08 1702 (+Zengcheng PBS) very weak, OM talk. There is an ID at 00:44-00:47, but it’s very hard to pick out: [something] Renmin Guangbo Diantai. Possibly it could be Zengcheng PBS, near Guangdong (89.0 MHz), but I’m not sure.
89.1 11.07 1500 DYDW Power 89.1, Cebu City ID and ads. First noted in Cebu City.
89.3 17.08 1704 +Hainan Jiaotong Guangbo (Hainan Traffic Radio), Danzhou relay All in Mandarin. Starts in the middle of a weather report for various cities in Hainan, followed by traffic report for Haikou City in Hainan. ID at 2:08: “Hainan Jiaotong Guangbo” (Hainan Traffic Radio), a service of Hainan PBS. 89.3 is the listed frequency of this network for the Danzhou area, NW Hainan. Nice catch!
89.5 22.07 1058 DYQN Home Radio, Iloilo City ad for Business Mirror newspaper, song ID
89.9 19.07 1534 DYKI Smooth 89.9, Cebu City simple “89.9” jingle, Foreigner oldie. 06.08 1418 noted w Don McLean/American Pie,1420 ad for Sonic Flight concert at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel August 16th, tickets available from Smooth 89.9 (street address), flwd by brander ID “DYKI is Cebu City´s Smooth … – Smooth and Lite – 89.9”. Ex-City Lite. Very weak in Leyte.
90.0 31.07 1600 +unid CC w Zhongyang RGB (CNR1) ID
90.3 17.07 1529 DYWB Power FM, Ormoc City, Leyte jingles, px “Power Drive”. 22.07 1100 noted w ID incl “The FM station of the Society of the Divine Word”. Good signal along Leyte west coast.
90.6 31.07 1254 +Radio Sanshui (Foshan PBS) solid signal for long period, Mandarin pop tune, 1300 ID “Fatsan dintoi gao ling luk” (Foshan Radio Station nine-zero-six), TC flwd by full ID by OM in Cantonese “Fatsan yanman guongbou dintoi, FM gaosip din luk, Samsui guongbou” (Foshan People’s Broadcasting Station, FM Ninety Point Six, Radio Sanshui). After the TC for noon, the female announcer reads economic news, mentions of cities in Guangdong incl the Cantonese names for Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Foshan and also “GDP”. Out of nx, then ID “FM gao ling luk Fatsan Dintoi Samsui Guongbou” (FM nine zero six, Foshan Radio Station, Radio Sanshui), back to mx.http://www.radiofoshan.com.cn/
90.7 11.08 1800 DYAC Crossover, Cebu City local brander “Serving a new era – in Metro Cebu, this is 90.7 (sounded like 91.7) … Crossover”. S9+10 at best w preamp on.
91.1 17.07 1530 DYMC MoR, Iloilo City w studio OM talk, local ads, jingle ID. Also 22.07 1031 w Eagles and Styx tunes, local TC, ID and ads (YL studio host), textline 2366, local gtngs; and 29.07 1047 w Chicago/Bon Jovi tunes, jingles and fone-in contest, 1106 local ads, then into show “Mix of Rhythm”.
91.1 08.08 0904 +DYTR 9-1-1 Your True Radio, Tagbilaran City, Bohol first noted on board SuperCat 25 from Cebu bound for Tagbilaran. Ads incl one for night cruises on Loboc River, ID, promoting streaming on http://www.dytrbohol.com, this goes for the AM outlet (1116) also. Signal audible from around Punta Cruz Pt. which is line-of sight straight north of Tagbilaran. Good stereo signal around central Bohol and in Panglao Beach. Several good recordings. The tourist destination of Bohol is served by three fast ferry operators: SuperCat http://www.supercat.com.ph/, OceanJet http://www.oceanjet.net and Weesam Express (operated by SRN Fast Crafts, Inc.). 09.08 1003 at SuperCat terminal, Tagbilaran noted w DJ Miss G in studio. Also ID as “True Radio Bohol”.
91.4 17.08 1752 (+Guangdong Satellite Radio (Guangdong PBS), Guangzhou) w promo/ad. Promo for Guangdong Province branch of the Bank of China. No ID, but probably it’s Guangdong PBS’s Guangdong Satellite Radio, the key FM frequency for Guangzhou area being 91.4 MHz.
91.5 19.07 1524 DYHR Hot FM, Cebu City ID as “9-1-5 Hot FM”, invited listeners to become textmates on the air. 29.07 1107 noted w “Hot Mix” show w DJ James Carlos. Fair in Panglao, Bohol, 08.08 2049 noted w “Friday Hot Mix”.
91.7 07.08 0918 DYBG Radyo Natin, Bogo City, Cebu good signal on board Super Shuttle Ferry 16 just after leaving port of Palompon, Leyte bound for Bogo. Morning greetings w YL and OM studio hosts, several mentions of people in Balamban, which should be a local town. Also mentioned listeners in Toledo, on Cebu Island´s west side. Studio cell phone number 0926-6718290 for requests. Studio is in a side street of central Bogo, passed by on the Ceres Liner bus …
91.7 08.08 1847 +DYGB Power 91 FM, Dumaguete City, Negros Or weak to fair in Panglao Beach, Bohol. Local ads flwd by promo/brander which include popular group Sponge Cola shouting “DYGB-FM”. One of four operating Dumaguete stations at the moment, just two of them with readable signal on my Sony portable, the other one being 106.3 DYYD.
91.9 22.07 1040 DY.. iFM jingle, into mx. Recording confirms jingle – perhaps Cebu?
91.9 05.08 1546 DYKS Love Radio, Bacolod City, Negros Occ playing Jason Ndaz/I´m Yours, “… 91.9 Love Radio” jingle, mx. 14.08 1637 noted w local ads incl one for an Earth, Wind & Fire concert in Bacolod on August 24th. Several IDs and branders. Song by popular group Scrambled Eggs.
92.1 31.07 1252 (+unid CC, presumed HKCR2 (Ultimate 903), Hong Kong) w mention of “City Warehouse”. In Cantonese, but the song at the beginning sounds like it’s in Japanese. Apart from “City Warehouse”, I think I could hear a mention of “Star” and “Fonghuong Dinsi Toi” (Phoenix TV Station) around seconds 21-25. No other ideas, but HK seems plausible. 500 watts. Article about Phoenix TV Station in People´s Daily, Beijing: http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/200101/02/eng20010102_59449.html And in Newsweek: http://www.newsweek.com/id/76337
92.3 19.07 1523 DYBN Killerbee, Cebu City local ID
92.3 31.07 1450 +unid CC w Cantonese YL talk on top of Irish sounding reel mx, into mandarin pop song w male artist, possible Guangdong mention. In Cantonese, but the song at the end is Mandarin. No other clues that I can hear.
92.7 22.07 1039 DYWT Wild FM, Bacolod City, Negros Occ ad for Tower Inn Hotel, Davao, jingle, mx
92.9 15.07 1123 DYRU-FM Kalibo, Aklan mx, jingle ”RU-FM”. 17.08 1800 as the CC Es opening ended, this one was very good, local ads incl one for Cebu Pacific (airline) and IDs. Around 1701 weak unid QRM playing Robin Gibb oldie.
93.1 26.07 1136 DYWF Smash FM, Cebu City, slogan “Cebu´s Rock Fortress”. 11.08 1752 after John Parr and Peter Gabriel rock oldies, local promo incl 90.1 Smash FM ID, 1753 prayer flwd by shift of DJ … “Good evening Metro Cebu. …” Classic rock format.
93.1 17.08 1711 +Guangdong Weixing Guangbo (Guangdong Satellite Radio), Zhanjiang relay w ads/promos. In Mandarin. Two mentions of phone numbers with 020 code (Guangzhou), then around 00.57 mention of “Guangdong Weixing Guangbo” (Guangdong Satellite Radio). Towards the end, promo for Guangdong Province branch of Bank of China (very similar to your clip of 91.4 MHz). 93.1 is the listed frequency for this network covering the Zhanjiang area (W Guangdong).
93.5 27.07 1046 DYMK Campus Radio, Iloilo City local ads such as Superferry and recruitment of OFWs, jingle
93.5 31.07 1226 +CNR-1, (Fuzhou, Fujian province relay) ending nx story filed by Tangshan PBS. Studio YL announcer mentions “Tangshan” two more times. Into promo. CNR-1. Actually 15-18 secs is mentioning Tangshan PBS, whose report they have just finished carrying. 93.5 is listed as the CNR-1 FM frequency for Fuzhou, Fujian Province and Hefei, Anhui Province. Fujian seems more likely for reception in PHL.
93.9 26.07 1141 DYXL iFM, Cebu City local ads such as Doris Surplus Center, Talisay City, selling second-hand vehicles, jingle. 05.08 1500 noted w 3 o´clock prayer flwd by ID song, mx.
93.9 17.08 1715 (+Voice of Music (Music FM), Radio Guangdong via Shenzhen) w conversation/talk. Phenomenal strength: s9+60 at times – the same level as local 97.1 DYLS from Cebu! 93.9 is in Cantonese, and mentions a football-related website v433.com. Although there is no ID, it’s very likely to be Radio Guangdong’s Voice of Music (Music FM) via Shenzhen (and possibly other sites too ) on 93.9 MHz. v433.com has many mentions of 99.3 FM, which is the same network’s key frequency for Guangzhou.
94.1 31.07 1610 +unid CC Gives another of those “scam” phone numbers, 1259059306 and a
“service” number for feedback: 400 610 3222. It seems this thing is (or was) carried by many radio stations in China, and I can’t hear any local clues in this clip.
94.3 15.07 1131 +DYHT iFM, Bacolod City, Negros Occ “94.3 iFM” ID, two local ads first one for 888 Chinatown Square, Bacolod grand opening August 8th, then one for a herbal product, jingle, mx.
94.5 31.07 1534 +unid CC w English pop song, flwd by YL talk, into music. In QRM. Sorry, no ideas about this station in Mandarin, with mentions of a song from “Hou Jie”. There is possibly an ID but it’s unintelligible, just before frequency check at 00:46 “jiu shi si dian wu zhaohe”
(94.5 MHz) which is followed by talk about zodiac signs.
94.7 13.07 1608 DYLL Energy FM, Cebu City ID, mx and ads. Ex-“Mellow Touch”. 08.08 0727 in Cebu City; rock mx, ads Imperial Appliance Plaza, Mega Caravan Sales, Shane Herbal Capsule/oil, Nature Spring Water, Davis Intl. Recruitment Agency. 09.08 1743 noted w ads incl Alaska Evaporada and Dew Foam, IDs/branders/promos.
95.1 29.07 1021 DYIC iFM, Iloilo City local ads, jingle. Textline 229911.
95.1 17.08 1751 +unid CC w what appeared to be continuous Olympic live coverage in CC.
95.5 11.08 1820 DYMX Star FM, Cebu City local requests for listeners in Talisay, Lahug, Basak, Lapu-Lapu, Pardo, inviting calls/texts to 0919-2946714. There is also an other st on 95.5 often atop Star FM. This st also at times good in morning of 13.08. Still unid. 13.8 1559 xlnt ID “in Metro Cebu 95.5 Star FM”, inviting listeners interested in seeking textmates to text details to 29765.
95.5 11.08 1829 unid. st mixing w DYMX Star FM, at this time w ads for Argentina Beef Loaf and Alaska Evaporada. Star FM website lists two more Star FM outlets in Bacolod and Iloilo.
95.6 31.07 1229 +unid CC in Mandarin, but male announcer has a strong local accent. Ad for Bank of China with address “opposite the customs”. Solid s9 signal.
95.6 17.08 1749 +unid CC w promo in Cantonese. I think I can hear a mention of Jiangmen (Gongmun in Cantonese). Into mx. Radio Haimen (Haimen Diantai), Guangdong is presumed. See also 95.1 Olympic coverage.
95.8 31.07 1535 (+CNR-1, Shenzhen relay) w presumed Zhongyang RGB (CNR1) ID. Mentions report in progress from CNR, but doesn´t specify which network. Most likely CNR-1 Shenzhen 95.8 MHz.
96.3 22.07 0900 DYRK W-Rock, Cebu City local ads, jingle, ID and TC, Janet Jackson song
97.1 01.08 1508 DYLS MoR Lupig Sila, Cebu City the most powerful FM in Central Phils, s9+60db! in Leyte w the FM preamp on. At this time 3 o´clock prayer into “Music on the Road” afternoon drive time show
97.5 13.08 0924 DYMB Love Radio, Iloilo City local ads, ID and “good morning, Metro Iloilo” by YL host, 9.24 TC, jingle “The Morning Love Drive – Love Radio”, into Air Supply/All Out Of Love. Good signal w preamp on. QRM from unid. different st in brief bursts. If tropo this could be DWRG Puerto Princesa? (see SilkAir DX below)
97.8 31.07 1500 +Yulin News and General Radio, Yulin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region w apparent local ID including an “FM” tail. The ID is “FM 97.8 (Somewhere) PBS News and General Service”, but frustratingly there is a very short fade which completely swallows the location. I can’t find any listing of a Guangdong station on 97.8. Listening again to your recording “CC FM 097.8 unid CC possible local FM ID 31.07.2008 1500 PST”, I think there actually is an intelligible ID after all, at 00:44: “Yulin Xinwen Zonghe Guangbo” (Yulin News and General Radio) from Yulin in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. This station is indeed listed on 97.8. (note in green dated 21.11.2008; ID above)
97.8 17.08 1654 (+Quang Ninh Radio & TV, Halong, Vietnam) one of two stations noted here. First a Chinese st which disappeared, and was replaced by the Vietnamese. Yes, the second station is definitely in Vietnamese. Most likely it would be Quang Ninh Radio & TV in Halong (97.8 ex-97.5 MHz), possibly relaying Voice of Vietnam. I can’t hear any clues for the Chinese station at the beginning. Local website: http://www.easia-adventures.com/sites/halong.htm
97.8 31.07 1232 (+Heyuan PBS Music Channel, Heyuan City, Guangdong province) ads, promo, into om/yl talk. Near the start, there’s an ad for enrollment in a school with an address in Heyuan City (Guangdong Province) at 00:08. Heyuan PBS’s Music Channel is listed on 97.8, so I suppose it could be them but there’s no definite ID.
97.9 04.08 1340 DYBU Love Radio, Cebu City promo, inviting calls/texts
98.0 31.07 1500 (+Tdf de Macau), had played Rod Stewart/Human League songs past the hour, so I checked 97.8 where there appeared to be a local CC ID including an “FM” mention. Returning to 98.0 I found a 10-minute Portuguese newscast. I’m sure it’s Macau in Portuguese. They often relay RDP Lisbon, but also have local programming at times. For comparison, there’s a recording I made at http://www.asiawaves.net/audio/macau
98.1 17.08 1717 +Zhanjiang PBS w what sounded like ads. First part is in Mandarin, including phone number with 0759 code (Zhanjiang) and mention at 00:20 of Zhanjiang PBS News and General Service. Followed at 00:30 by ID for Zhanjiang PBS in Cantonese. And yes, that’s the frequency listed on their website http://radio.zjjs.net/ , but for their Traffic and Music rather than News and General (which is supposed to be on 95.1).
98.3 13.08 0933 DYNJ RJ-100, Iloilo City network feed, 9.32 TC, host Steve O´Neill, into ads incl ID in one of them.
98.7 17.07 1145 DYFR FEBC “FR-FM”, Cebu City IDs as “FR-FM” and “Life Changing Radio”. dyfr@pldtdsl.net Reception report emailed 22.01.2009.
98.7 31.07 1235 +unid CC playing EE pop mx (“Fly By”), into OM studio talk and fone-in along w YL co-host. Chat is in Mandarin, but no ID unfortunately.
99.1 22.07 0913 DYBM Crossover, Bacolod City, Negros Occ jingle, mx. 11.08 1732 noted w ads incl one for Tamera Plaza Inn, Lacson Str., Bacolod, Crossover jingle
99.5 24.07 1930 DYRT “99.5 RT”, Cebu City full ID w call, ads for San Mig Light (beer), next for Gold Bingo Scratch Cards sold through selected Mercury drug outlets, GMA TV7. 17.08 1743 noted w “Sunday 3-Play”, 1805 promo for “Pinoy Idol on Radio RGMA”, px name “Six in the City” …
99.9 13.08 0717 DYFJ RJ-100, Bacolod City, Negros Occ only network feed, no local show. Ad for Petula Clark shows in Manila Sep 12-13, into Seals & Crofts oldie. Frq measures more like 100.0 than 99.9.
100.0 31.07 1242 +Radio Huizhou (Huizhou Diantai), Guangdong province w promo, “….women guanxin. Huizhou Diantai, xinwen baoliao rexian, er er er er yao ling yao, er er er er si liu liu. Duanxin baoliao fangshi: Yidong, Liantong, Xiaolingtong yonghu bianji shuzi yao ling ling ba, jiang neirong fasong dao yao ling liu er ling qi wu er…” “…we care. Radio Huizhou, news report hotline 2222101, 2222466. For SMS reports, China Mobile, China Unicom and XLT subscribers: use code number 1008 and send content to 10620752…” Just to confirm, the two phone numbers are listed on this web page: http://bbs.hz0752.com/viewthread.php?tid=948122 , and the SMS number and code are listed on http://qq.hzinfo168.com/%E7%9F%AD%E4%BF%A1%E4%B8%9A%E5%8A%A1.html .
If your browser can display Chinese characters, you’ll see 惠州电台 = Huizhou Diantai on both of these pages. URL: http://www.hzcatv.com.cn/ Email: web@hzcatv.com.cn
100.3 06.08 1400 DYRJ RJ-100, Cebu City full network ID, into BBC nx. Promoting streaming on http://www.rjplanet.com. An hour later carried VoA News from the VoA Pacific feed, full network ID after the nx. Also 11.07 1502 noted w VoA Pacific nx. Rajah Broadcasting Network RJ-100 frequencies: 100.3 in Cebu, Davao and Metro Manila, 96.5 Tuguegarao, 91.1 Baguio, 99.9 Bacolod, 98.3 Iloilo, 88.5 Cagayan de Oro.
101.1 13.07 1610 DYIO Y-101, Cebu City ads, promo for station DJs playing a club, jingle. Also 15.07 1113 ads, promo, website http://www.y101.com, and 18.07 1705 noted w call ID. 08.08 2054 in Panglao Beach, Bohol noted w “Skins for Heart” (Alta Vista Golf and Country Club) golf ad, IDs.
101.3 13.07 1200 DYRO Radyo Natin/Power FM, Daan Bantayan, Cebu strong in Leyte, “MBC” and “The Best Music in the Philippines – Radyo Natin” jingles, more mx. 24.07 1921-1925 local greetings, ads, ID “You´re lsng to Power FM – Radyo Natin Daan Bantayan”, also “Power Hits”. S9+ in Leyte, must have upped xmtr location/power
101.5 13.07 1139 +DYOO MoR, Bacolod City, Negros Occ ID and mx
101.9 24.07 1928 DYNC Charlie 101.9, Cebu City ID
102.3 08.08 1838 +DYRD Kiss FM, Tagbilaran City, Bohol soft rock mx, ID “Today´s best music – Kiss FM”, DJ Robert James until 7 0´clock, Saturday night greetings. 2106 noted w px “Good Night Kiss” w presenter George Gray, promoting streaming on internet. 09.08 0732 noted w local ads for BQ Mall (= Bohol Quality Mall, Tagbilaran – one of two shopping malls there, the other one is IC Mall = Island City Mall) and Bohol Plaza, Panglao. Catholic Media Network promo, “Kiss FM” jingle. 0835 in “Kiss Pinoy Top 10”, ten most popular domestically produced pop hits this weekend. Last week´s number 1: Sarah Geronimo/A Very Special love (from the film of the same name) http://www.dyrdam.com http://www.dyrdfm.com
102.7 DYES Yes FM, Cebu City appears to be silent
102.9 15.07 1141 Radyo Natin mx and jingle. Only this date in Jordan, could be Tuburan, Cebu? Also noted briefly in the evening of 11.08
102.9 24.07 1158 +DYSA Radyo Natin, Baybay, Leyte local ads, jingles, 1210 DZRH Headline Balita. Studio host Monica had a hard time keeping track of which jingles and tapes to play, rather amateurish … Purely local coverage, heard during visit to Baybay town center.
103.1 19.07 1623 DYMG Magik FM, Bacolod City, Negros Occ jingle “I Love Magik FM”, YL DJ Wendy (?) until 6pm, show “Pure Magik”, is ex-“Magik103”. Gave studio cell phone number 092967471.. (last two figures missing).
103.5 19.07 1517 DYCD Wild FM, Cebu City “Afternoon Rush” show, jingle. Studio tel. 255-6424. DJ: Barry Crocodile (…). 19.08 1321 in Cebu City (at Capitol Tourist Inn) noted w oldies, ads including one for Gary Lewis & The Playboys in concert in Cebu September 12th
103.7 22.07 1139 DYRX Star FM, Roxas City, Capiz jingle, more music w DJ Rico
104.3 DYEZ Z-104, Cebu City appears to be silent
104.7 09.08 1634 +unid. Christian st, Cebu City noted w non stop worship songs. Both Saturday the 9th and Sunday 10th I checked his one extensively, but they never had an ID, just non stop worship music, and programs (Sunday morning). 10.08 0748 noted w px “We Kids” http://www.wekids.org/down.php hosted by Mr. Nick, PO Box 444, Paradise, CA. 95969, email: info@bridgefm.org 0846 noted w “Inspired by the Bible Experience”. 104.7 is not in line with the 800 kHz spacing system in Cebu City – what could this be, maybe FEBC would know? Good signal in city center, not audible in Leyte.
104.9 17.08 1723 +unid CC YL talk etc, weak at first, then stronger. Bursts of good signal. Nothing I can hear to identify anything here, I’m afraid. It seems there are at least two CC stations in the mix?
105.1 08.08 0733 DYUR Ultimate Radio UR-105, Cebu City ID, ad Park Mall (new mall at Mandaue Reclamation Road, jingle into rock mx. Checked at SuperCat terminal, Cebu port.
105.2 31.07 1246 (+Yangcheng Traffic Station, Guangzhou) series of ads, mentions of Guangdong and 020 (Guangzhou phone code). Most likely Yangcheng Traffic Station, Guangzhou, but nothing positive. Into mx.
105.5 22.07 1129 DYTS Yes FM, Bacolod City, Negros Occ ads, promos inviting advertisers to use “105.5 Yes FM”, local Bacolod mention, also local businesses. Show “Yes Hit List”.
105.9 04.08 1309 DYBT BT 105.9, Cebu City promos, ads, mx, slogans “Monster Radio”, “The Monster”. 1325 the TC was for “1.33” …
106.3 19.07 1548 DYBE Killerbee, Bacolod City, Negros Occ local ads incl one for Teletech, Bacolod and LK Salon, Lacson Street, ID. 04.08 1302 local DJ Kelly (YL) w “Killerbee 106.3” IDs, played OAR/Shattered, 1306 ads for SM City, TelePerformance, Boss Digital.
106.3 08.08 1852 +DYYD Yes FM, Dumaguete City, Negros Or local ads one of them for Enervon featuring famous showbiz star Gaby Concepcion, TC, ID. Weak to fair in Panglao, Bohol. 2058 inviting requests to tel 0926-9522302
106.7 19.07 1510 DYQZ Home Radio, Cebu City ID, mx. s9+10. 01.08 1146 noted w promo requesting applications from a male DJ. YL DJ at this time was Jackie …
107.1 14.07 1339 DYXC Hot FM, Ormoc City, Leyte jingle and ads. Only audible in city area.
107.1 06.08 1407 DYEN Campus Radio, Bacolod City, Negros Occ ads, full local ID
107.1 08.08 1422 +DYJF Shofar Radio, Cabanbanan, Toledo City, Cebu http://www.jesusfellowshipofbelievers.com/shofar/mainpage.htm first noted in Chocolate Hills, central Bohol (Bgy. Carmen), solid signal. Out of Christian px, call ID, Christian rock mx. Fair signal in Panglao Beach and at SuperCat terminal, Tagbilaran port. At 2046 in Panglao noted w concert promo, concert sponsored by Shofar Ministries, ID “Shofar Radio” http://shofar-mc.blogspot.com/2006/01/shofar-mission-center.html, local concert ad. 2107 ID “107.1 DYJF Shofar Radio”. 09.08 1002 at Tagbilaran port noted switching from non-stop Christian rock mx to px “Creation Moments” with host Ian Taylor.
107.1 17.08 1731 +China Radio Int. “News Radio”, via Shenzhen below DYEN Campus R, Bacolod. Promo for China Business Radio/China Radio International in EE. First audio from this one (w QRM from one more Chinese st) noted at 1727. Around 01:23-01:28 (1729 PST): “ni zheng zai shouting de shi Zhongguo Guoji Guangbo Diantai Huanqiu Zixun Guangbo”. It’s the “News Radio” service of China Radio International, on 107.1 MHz from Shenzhen. There’s also a mention of “China Radio International” in English at 04:23. “News Radio” is mostly in Mandarin. “One World, One Dream” was the slogan of the 2008 Olympics. I think there may be another Chinese station in the mix, audible at times, but I can’t hear any ID for it.
107.5 01.08 1148 DYNU Nu-107, Cebu City ads, ID, promoting http://www.eradioportal.com. 04.08 1300 full ID w call letters. Slogan “Home of Nu Rock”.
107.5 17.08 1733 (+Dongguan PBS, Guangdong province) in Mandarin and Cantonese, QRM from an English language st carrying Olympic content (see next entry). It seems there’s one station in Mandarin and Cantonese, and another in English but possibly with some Mandarin. At about 00:22, the Mandarin/Cantonese station says in Mandarin: “…jiemu ziliao you Dongguan Shi Jiao Jing Zhidui tigong” (Material for this programme is provided by the Dongguan City Traffic Police). So probably this one is Dongguan PBS, 107.5 MHz.
107.5 17.08 1733 (+Radio Guangdong (Guangdong PBS Culture and Sports Channel) appeared to be in // 107.7. For the English station, I think it must be Radio Guangdong (Guangdong PBS Culture and Sports Channel), which is scheduled to carry ‘”Beijing Olympic Countdown”—- The hottest new information on the Beijing Olympics’ at 5.30 pm Mon-Fri local time and ‘Today’s Focus’ at the same time Sat/Sun (see
http://e.rgd.com.cn/english/program_schedule/Program_schedule.shtml). As 17 Aug was a Sunday, this should be ‘Today’s Focus’, which I think is what the female announcer is saying around 01:03: “You are listening to Today’s Focus brought to you […?by Radio…] Guangdong”. The frequency is 107.7 MHz in Guangzhou, or at least it was in late 2007, having moved from 107.6 to avoid Dongguan when Dongguan moved from 106.9 to 107.5.
107.7 17.08 1733 (+Radio Guangdong (Guangdong PBS Culture and Sports Channel) // 107.5 ??
179.7 17.07 1139 +GMA7, Cebu, TV audio, network ads, back to drama. FM audio.

SilkAir FM DX

SilkAir is the Singapore Airlines subsidiary flying regional routes in South and East Asia, including the Singapore-Cebu-Davao one. On board use of portable radio is allowed except take-off and landing. Outbound flight from Singapore to Cebu on July 10th signals into the plane were excellent, however on the return flight to Singapore on August 21st the Airbus A320 did not allow anything to get through the hull … Only just before the approach to Changi (Singapore) did weak signals on 98.7 and 93.3 get through. The 13-hour flight from Singapore to London was on board the Airbus A380 (the big one), because of night time flight (take-off at midnight Singapore time) radio use was not convenient. But it is allowed on board this one, as well.

88.7 10.07 1138 +Muzik FM, Lahad Datu yl DJ, IDs/jingle. Lahad Datu is on Sabah´s southern east coast, and was the last Sabah FM signal heard before the plane crossed into Philippine air space, after 70 minutes of enjoying Sabah and Brunei FM.
90.7 10.07 1206 Crossover ID between tracks, unknown what city
91.4 10.07 1115 +Pelangi FM (Radio Brunei), Bandar Seri Begawan Malay pop, brander “Listen to your favorite hits only on Pelangi FM – Radio Brunei”
92.3 10.07 1102 +Nasional FM (Radio Brunei), Bukit Subok ending Malay nx by YL, then OM w clear ID http://www.rtb.gov.bn/9.23fm/Index.html Probably // 93.3 per web page. QRM from CC nx st (OM) on same frq, no ID heard (Ai FM; apparently // 106.3, see below)
93.1 10.07 1100 +Sabah V FM, Tenom jingle, 11 o´clock TC, RTM World News
93.3 10.07 1200 Bombo Radyo outlet, playing Michael Jackson/Beat It up to the hour, then straight into Bombo news/sports. Should be a Star FM outlet. 1119 had noted Malay mx, AA talk here (Nasional FM, Brunei?) + Shania Twain music QRM (Star FM?)
93.5 10.07 1218 Campus Radio outlet w local ID by yl, mentions of Isabel and Occidental, unknown city
94.9 10.07 1056 (+RTB Brunei Suara Islam, Andulau) w mx, then YL talk (Malay?), possible “Radio Nang Haua” mention. Into Quran recitation. The only clue I hear is from 00:24 “…demikian tadi kita ikuti rancangan Hawa” i.e “we have been listening to the programme Eve” (as in Adam & Eve). Most likely RTB Brunei Suara Islam? But there’s no programme of that name on their current schedule.
95.9 10.07 1055 unid w CC YL talk – Sarawak? The talk is in Mandarin, about men getting sunburned. The host is taking a call from the last caller. No other clues, I’m afraid. Most likely RTB Brunei Pilihan Network in Mandarin, I would guess, which is scheduled to change to English from 0300 UTC / 11 am local.
96.9 10.07 1113 +Pilihan FM (Radio Brunei), Kuala Belait PSA for Addex, jingle “Simply your choice – Pilihan FM – Radio Brunei”, Bee Gees/You Win Again. Solid signal. //95.9. http://www.pilihanradio.com/
97.1 10.07 1208 DYLS Lupig Sila, Cebu City strong as we approached Cebu
97.5 10.07 1125 +DWRG Campus Radio, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan ads and IDs as SilkAir crossed into Philippine air space. No other Puerto Princesa stations heard. Indicated fone numbers: Landline 434 2907, textline 0919 741 6046. One of the ads for a shopping mall called Rainhill Center (or Ranghill?)
98.7 10.07 1034 +Kristal FM, Kuala Belait (Brunei) w EE DJ, ID and mx
98.7 10.07 1157 MoR outlet, probably ABS-CBN Zamboanga City w their brander, into ads
99.1 10.07 1035 +Traxx FM, Sipitang played Sade/Sweetest Taboo, jingle
99.7 10.07 1032 unid. W Quran recitation, most likely Brunei. Quran also on 89.1//90.7 at 1037
100.3 10.07 1047 unid most likely Muzik FM, no ID
102.7 10.07 1136 (DXHT Hot FM, Zamboanga City) “Hot FM” jingle, mx – not confirmed
103.0 10.07 1053 unid w CC pop mx
104.9 10.07 1045 unid w Malay mx
106.3 10.07 1110 +Ai FM, Central Sabah jingle and promo


A few notes from the NSB express train boarded at Gardermoen, bound for Dombås (change of train) and Åndalsnes. Very nice journey, recommendable! Signals on FM into the train no problem, but the faint xmtr powers of the remaining local stations along the track makes them a little hard to get. Times are Norwegian Summer Time.

88.9 22.08 1633 NRK Hedmark – Oppland out of network NRK P1 news, local ID, into Abba/Waterloo. Good in Lillehammer town center. In Hamar noted // 87.6/90.4/91.4/99.8.
101.4 22.08 1553 +Radio Exact, Hamar (Bangsfjellet) mx and tfc report, ID, slogan “Innlandets Hitstasjon”. Good in Hamar town center, soon lost as train moved northwards. // 107.4 (Biri). http://www.radio-hamar.no/sendeplan/
105.0 22.08 1615 +Radio Gjøvik/Radio Lillehammer (xmtr Lillehammer) nxtalk and mx, tfc report indicated one lane on Mjøsbrua closed, 1623 brander ID, 1629 “lokalnytt”. Good in Lillehammer town center, also noted (though no ID) in central Gudbrandsdalen valley further north on 105.0/107.0 (Gjøvik). http://www.oa.no/radio_gl/
106.3 22.08 1639 +Radio Gudbrandsdal ID into “lokalnytt”, wx for Midtdalen/Ottadalen/Dombås. //104.5/107.6. Good at Otta, lost as train moved northwest towards Dombås. (106.3 Venabygdsfjellet?, 104.5 Tretten?). http://www.gd.no/radiotv/radio_gudbrandsdal/ maurits.opsahl@radiog.no


4 Responses to “DX Contribution from Geir Stokkeland in Norway”

  1. Rommel Rutor Says:

    DyMS Aksyon Radyo is located at 1044khz… but not associated with any print or internet news web. It so happens maybe that what you have monitored was a blocktime program by Ray Gaspay of samarnews.com. I don’t what’s this all about, I just replied to correct anyway. thanks.

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